Why Service Virtualization is needed in the Internet of Things Era

As the dawn of the Internet Of Things Era begins testers and developers need a better way to test the functionality of their growing API, cloud based software applications. One of the new tools/techniques developed for this purpose is the concept of Service Virtualization.

Find out why Service Virtualization is so important and why you need it to have confidence that your modern application will work as expected in the wild.

About Paul Bruce


Paul Bruce is a web performance engineer, seasoned software developer, technology consultant, permaculturalist, and family enthusiast.

He has worked as a solutions provider in non-profit higher education and a web applications architect in the health care industry. He has also consulted with small and medium size start-ups on technology related-issues, and currently works at SmartBear Software, specializing in both back-end and front-end web performance optimization.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Service Virtualization is essentially an approached emulating behaviors or components in a larger system.
  • You use a virtual API, stand that up, and then basically mock out a little bit of the data behind it so that the responses coming back are valid enough for your front-end so you can start testing it.
  • API testing itself is really just a subset of quality, but increasingly critical!
  • Service Virtualization simplifies the technology constraints.
  • Data is still King
  • With virtual API, you can either change the behavior, make it slower, maybe cause it to produce bad data, or even just simply turn it off and see what it's like for a front-end app to live without its precious API.
  • Typically, around the performance track, they want to see what it's like to deal without one of those calls. They call them black holes
  • A virtual API is only as good as you make it
  • Much, much more!


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